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Our Approach

Our Approach

Consulting, Assessment and Internationalization 

You need to take your product global, but don't know where to start. If you dive in before assessing your localization readiness, you run the risk of delivering an inferior product at an outrageous price. Grammar, style, and design that work great in the source language, can quickly become a localization nightmare in the target language. You need some peace of mind. You need LOMA.

Planning and Project Management

LOMA provides efficient and cost-effective management for all types of assignments, large or small. We believe communication is the most important factor on the way to success, and so we emphasize continual communication between our customers and ourselves, facilitating information flow and exchange of ideas. It will be our pleasure to help you communicate with your clients in the best way possible.  


It's all about the correct balance between technical innovation, production reliability, and cost-effectiveness. Thanks to our wealth of practical experience and professional skills, using a wide range of software and hardware, we can help you achieve that sought-after equilibrium.


We guarantee the completion of the project as scheduled, on time. We are dedicated to customer service and to the quality of service that each customer receives from LOMA.