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About Us

At Loma, we specialize in bi-directional English < > Hebrew translation, localization, editing, proofreading, copywriting, DTP and consulting services. This makes LOMA Localization Masters your ideal partner for the Hebrew and English speaking markets. 

LOMA is a freelance partnership with Amichai Ma’oz and Michal Shitrit working in tandem, to provide the services you need, that will give your business global prominence. With millions of words translated since 1997, Amichai Ma'oz is a highly-experienced linguist, located in Beer Sheva, Israel. He is one of the founders of the Israel Translators Association and served as Deputy Chairman for several years. Michal Shitrit is a translator and DTP expert, a pop-culture addict and a “wordoholic”, located in Harish, Israel. 

Together, Amichai and Michal make LOMA a freelance partnership providing all the services your business requires and deserves. 

We provide solutions for all your needs: from small translations to large localization projects, translation of documents, manuals, medical protocols and studies, general medicine and specialized fields of medicine, legal translations, technical texts, software localization and the translation and localization of websites and more. 

The use of Computer-Assisted Translation (CAT) tools ensures that your project will be completed on time, efficiently and accurately, and needless to say, with quality assured. 

We love how versatile our job is and believe good translators should never stop learning and one thing for sure, we always make sure to thoroughly understand the material we work on, and specialize in the following:

  Software, hardware and

     website localization

  Globalization and




  Clinical Trials






 Travel & Hospitality